What is the range of the balloon?

Hot air ballooning is a very popular pastime today. We fly to the most beautiful places of Lviv region.

You can organize an interesting and unforgettable event at any time of year, but under certain conditions. Flying on the ball is possible only in favorable weather conditions, and the wind force should not exceed 3-4 m / s. The flight is impossible in the presence of precipitation of varying intensity.
If you strictly follow these rules, air travel is completely safe. The balloon is operated by an experienced pilot who provides a pleasant and comfortable flight from one place to another.

The flight range of the balloon is determined individually. A specific route is being developed, which must be agreed with customers. In the air, passengers must follow all the recommendations of the pilot.

In winter, flights are possible in the morning, spring and summer - morning or evening. This fact is explained by the fact that the earth is heated by the sun and vertical air currents are formed, which can make travel in a balloon uncontrollable.

Preparation for the flight does not require any special knowledge or skills. Everything you need to know, you will learn during the briefing. Comfortable sportswear and comfortable shoes with flat soles are suitable for travel. In sunny weather, it is advisable to bring sunscreen.

Hot air balloon flight: distance

Customers often ask the question: "What is the range of the balloon?" As a rule, during the reconnaissance flight, the pilot lifts the bullet to a distance of up to 500 meters (lifting time is 15-20 minutes). From this height, the local landscapes seem brighter and more interesting.

At the request of the client and in good weather conditions, the balloon can fly a distance of 1 kilometer. This distance is considered the largest. You can arrange a photo shoot or video during the flight.

For those who consider free flight extreme, communication in a connection is offered. On a leash, the balloon rises to a distance of 50 meters. In this case, special cables are attached to the ball, which perform the function of insurance. Such an event is most often ordered for various corporate parties. Such flights are especially interesting for children.
Hot air ballooning is an enchanting event that will be remembered for a long time. Every person who lives in the rhythm of modern life wants to climb up and feel true freedom. All you need is a positive attitude. The specialists of our company will do everything necessary for you to be delighted with the flight over Lviv and Lviv region.

An experienced and professional pilot organizes a safe and comfortable walk in the air. At your disposal the endless sky, beautiful landscapes and natural beauty.