Flight as a gift
Thinking about what gift to prepare for parents, friends, the other half? Surprise the culprit of the event with an unusual gift - a walk in the sky! Give him a certificate for a balloon flight. These are unforgettable impressions, a great mood and memorable photos. Hot air ballooning Lviv is a service that is in great demand. It is preferred by customers who want to surprise the holiday and cause a happy smile on the face of the birthday boy, anniversary!

Balloon - the price is reasonable for everyone
A certificate for an exciting walk in the sky is an appropriate gift for any occasion. For example, birthday, memorable date, wedding. You can not even look for an excuse and hand over the certificate just like that. Then parents, spouses, relatives will have a wonderful time and enjoy the incredible scenery.
If you are interested in Lviv balloons, the price will not seem high. We offer comprehensive services, which means:

• flight on the selected route;
• transfer to the destination and back;
• dedication in the aeronautics, taking into account ancient traditions;
• solemn ceremony with champagne.

Aeronautics - a direction that is developing rapidly today. Increasingly, you can see above your head colorful balloons floating in the sky. People open new horizons and learn about the world from the other side. You can also join them or make a unique gift for a loved one. To do this, you must purchase a certificate and hand it to the perpetrator. The balloon, the photo of which is presented on the site, is something that can please the other half, parents, brother or sister. Such a gift is never forgotten!
Balloon, the price of which is reasonable - the choice of fans of original solutions! This is the most desirable gift for fans of extreme and freedom. Buy a certificate at any time, and the perpetrator will be able to activate it within a year.
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