Fly in a hot air balloon over Lviv

Today, it is difficult to surprise modern people who were born and live in the conditions of technological progress. But, it is worth making the first flight on the Lviv ball, which will be remembered for a lifetime!

While living in the "capital of the west", you should definitely book a hot air balloon flight and see the incredible beauty of the landscape, which is inaccessible to ordinary pedestrians. Traveling by balloon will help to get emotions that are not really felt on earth.

Climb the balloon in Lviv

The structure of the sphere has hardly changed in two hundred years of its existence. It still consists of a basket, shell and burner. However, the materials used to make bullets and gondolas have changed, now they are strong and heat-resistant, and an experienced pilot controls the flight and keeps in touch with the ground with the help of modern technology. That is why today hot air ballooning in Lviv is the safest way of active recreation.

Ballooning can be done in groups, alone or in pairs.

After landing, for those who made their first flight, waiting for:

dedication in the aeronautics;
festive champagne.

The journey over Lviv takes place in colorful and picturesque corners of the region. The direction and speed of the wind create a route, and the journey itself takes about an hour. For travel it is better to choose sportswear and footwear.

During the balloon flight you will learn:

about the history of aeronautics;
study the flight business;
get a lot of emotions from walking.

Flying in a hot air balloon is a childhood dream! What could be more interesting than to imagine yourself as a fairy tale hero, magician, or one of the characters of Jules Verne - to realize a childhood dream - flying in a hot air balloon is very simple. Today, such a service is offered by many companies that organize air travel in Lviv, but "Touch the sky" is one of the best. With us you will ascend to the sky and will slowly swim under the clouds, admire Lviv, enjoy the silence and freedom. All it takes is a desire and a little free time.

The shell of the balloon is filled with heated air, it has a lower density than cold and, thanks to this, the balloon rises. It is based on Archimedes' law. The pilot regulates the air temperature in the shell of the bullet and in this way can change the altitude. The speed and direction of flight directly depend on the speed and direction of the wind.

If you decide to fly in a hot air balloon, you can place an order on our website or call us.