The story of the balloon
People have always wanted to fly like birds. To do this, they came up with different ways. One of them is hot air ballooning. This method was invented by the Montgolfier brothers. These are the enthusiastic pioneers who started the era of aeronautics. They developed a unique aircraft and put it into operation. This is an ancient story full of interesting facts. We will tell about them in the article.

Who Invented the Balloon?

The idea to conquer the sky arose a long time ago. In most cases, all attempts to rise into the air failed. For example, Salomon Idler developed homemade wings and went on a flight. He failed to conquer the sky. Solomon lost control of himself and crashed into the bridge. Francis Lana made more attempts to rise into the air. This figure built a huge bullet out of tin. Air was pumped out of it for the flight. The unusual aircraft never took to the skies. This idea was a failure.

Who Invented the Balloon? The pioneers in this field are the Montgolfier brothers. They developed a balloon that was lighter than air and worked on the principle of Archimedes. In order for the aircraft to rise into the air, a gas with a lower density than the density of air was used. This is the perfect solution, thanks to which today people explore the neighborhood from a bird's eye view. Also in the same year, just a little later, another aircraft took to the air. It is a balloon filled with hydrogen. It was developed by Professor Charles.

Balloons Montgolfier

The history of hot air ballooning began on June 5, 1783. At that time, a balloon took off in the French city of Annon. The Montgolfier brothers watched the clouds for many years and wanted to rise into the air. To do this, they planned to create a so-called artificial cloud. The brothers experimented and first filled the shell with steam. They did not succeed. Then they used hot smoke from straw and wool. This idea was great. A paper envelope filled with smoke flew into the air.

The Montgolfier brothers did not stop there. After many tests, they made a huge shell out of canvas, pasted it on the inside with paper and used a rope. In July, the brothers staged a demonstration flight in the city's market square. The shell, filled with smoke, rose into the air and floated in the sky for about 2 km. As the smoke cooled, the shell fell smoothly and fell to the ground. It was a breakthrough in aeronautics. Such a hot air balloon began to be called a hot air balloon. The report on the flight of the aircraft over the city was sent to the Academy of Sciences.

Charles' balloon

This is another invention, thanks to which the development of aeronautics has reached a new level. Charlier is an aircraft named after a famous French scientist. His flight over the Field of Mars was watched by a huge number of spectators. This event took place in August 1783. The balloon, designed by Jacques Alexander Cesar Charles, took to the skies.

The audience watched this phenomenon with great attention. They were surprised and amazed. The balloon lasted in the sky longer than a hot air balloon. This is because instead of hot smoke, the inventor used hydrogen. The shell of the aircraft was made of silk impregnated with rubber and turpentine. This is a smart solution that keeps volatile gas inside the shell for a long time.

After this opening, the first hot air balloon flight with the crew took place. Professors Charles and Roberts set out on a journey. Previously, Charles improved the design of the aircraft. The inventor equipped the balloon with a special valve and used a net, which fastened the basket and evenly distributed the load. Charles also did not forget about the ballast and such an important moment as landing. On December 1, 1783, two famous inventors ascended to heaven. Their journey lasted about an hour. The balloon flew 36 km and landed smoothly on the ground in the village.

Balloons: history and interesting facts

Balloons Lviv is a popular destination that people of all ages are interested in today. This is understandable, because walking in the sky has always been something mysterious and unusual. The history of aeronautics developed rapidly. The inventors perfected their designs and used them in practice. To better understand this, here are some interesting facts:

September 1783 - The first travelers to conquer the heavens were animals. This is a duck, chicken, sheep. They were put in a basket of aircraft and sent to heaven. Such an event took place in Versailles. The flight was watched by the French king;
November 1783 - The Montgolfier brothers surprise their fans again. They organized a flight on the outskirts of Paris. The French physicist Pilate de Rozier and the aristocrat d'Arland set out on a journey to the Montgolfier. The balloon flew across the river and landed on a hill. It was a victory that the Montgolfier brothers celebrated with the audience;
September 1784 - at this time there was another event that will enter